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How often do we find ourselves overnight in a different town in this beautiful country of ours and have difficulty finding live music or indeed a type of music that appeals to us??

Likewise, is there anything worse than having a night off or away, spend it in a hotel or a bar that has nothing but a juke-box and find out at breakfast the next morning that the pub down the road had an excellent band and we missed it!!!!

As a family who have travelled the length and breadth of ireland, be it for family re-unions, weddings or business we became tired of hopping in and out of websites planning our nights away, and even more tired of hearing that we missed a good jiving session by a few miles or even metres.

We have spend hours in the run up to nights away searching hotels in an area and then their events pages, artists and bands that we like and then their dancing dates and festivals and fleadhs pages in an effort to find a night out that suits us at home or away.

More times we have said “Isn’t it a pity their isn’t a website out there to list all this?”

And now there is…..


Search by town, date, category of music or artist name… Find the night out that suits you…

And for bars and hotel owners- don’t go to the trouble of having music and not tell the public. If it isn’t online, how do you expect people to know in this day and age?
We are offering a free directory listing for all venues to get yourselves online, a search engine to cover venues, artists and dates and a simple inexpensive method for all venues to list music and events in the upcoming calender year for a small fee of just E5, (you won’t be long making that back if it even brings in one extra customer!!!!!)

LiveMusicEvents.ie, music around Ireland!!!!!!

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